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Winter Scuba Splashes or Pool Practices

AUC's 2023 - 24 Dates:

2023 - Dec 23, Dec 30th

2024 - Jan 6, 13, 27, Feb 10, 17,

Mar 16, 23, 30, April 6, 20,

May 4, 11th

New dates for 2024 TBD - usually starts Nov - May the following year.

Location: Kinsmen Aquatics , Deep Dive Tank 9100 Walterdale Hill, Edmonton, AB

Door #10 (unloading/loading)

As always, if you're not in the Edmonton area and/or the dates above don't work for you - please be sure to contact your favourite local AB Dive Shop (LDS), Instructor or the Scuba Club nearby for their dates, times, costs of scuba splashes, or if needed full refreshers, re-activate, and/or other winter dive courses, like NITROX, UW Photography, etc.

Why dive in your local pool over the Winter ?? Meet other divers & find buddies = HAVE FUN! Become a more comfortable & confident diver = MORE FUN

Scuba pool dives are FUN and SOCIAL - join with the AUC's dates in Edmonton or be contact your favourite AB LDS (Local Dive Shop) or Instructor for their dates, times, locations, costs, etc.

Practice before an upcoming dive trip - tropical or temperate = LONGER DIVES Practice your scuba life saving skills = BE A SAFE DIVER! Practice with new or rental gear to get familiar with gear = BETTER AIR CONSUMPTION Practice with underwater camera gear = BETTER PHOTOS, SOONER Practice your buoyancy = SAVE THE REEFS Practice giant stride or back roll entries = REDUCE STRESS Practice deploying SMB (surface marker buoy) & reel = BE SAFE Get properly "weighted" before your dive trip = LONGER DIVES Test out new or newly serviced dive gear before a trip = LONGER DIVES Practice with dry-suit before spring/summer dive season = BE SAFE Try out new scuba gear - masks, fins, regulators, bc's, etc., with participating local dive shops = DEMO NEW SCUBA GEAR


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