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Dive Alberta Event & Lake Cleanups 2022 Grand Prize Draw to come soon!

Wow, it's been a strange couple of years - thanks to SARS COVID-19 Pandemic. If you're like most divers, we're all "itching to get wet", our gills and gear are drying out & we're feeling socially scuba deprived.

Good news! AUC with host scuba clubs, LDS (local dive shop) have several Dive Events and Lake Cleanups in 2022 & hope for more in 2023.

Why dive in? Come out & meet many divers at the AUC Dive Alberta Events & Lake Cleanups around the province. Each year most events include fun dives, nav. dives, lake cleanups, even carve a pumpkin underwater, add social opportunities, meet new dive buddies, possibly win prizes, PLUS qualify for year end GRAND PRIZES. (Note: BBQ lunches have been dropped from most events due to COVID - so remember to pack your own lunch, snacks, water, drinks, special dietary needs, etc.)

Need a Refresher? Certified Tropically only? Be sure to contact your favourite local Dive Shop (LDS) in Alberta for their upcoming Refreshers, Advanced Courses, Dry-suit, Rescue, etc. dates, times, costs, etc. If certified in tropics only - that is where your certification is valid - not here at home. Why? Conditions here at home in Alberta are very different - not difficult - but consider comparing warm, clear, tropical warmth to wearing heavy 7mm wetsuits or dry-suits, more weight needed, reduced visibility, cold temperatures, shore entries, all which adds to task-loading on a diver. So contact an AB LDS near you for their recommendations & availability for a Cold Water Diving Course/Orientation or similar or Advanced course, etc. Be a SAFE DIVER! Dive within your limitations. (link here all AB DIVE SHOPS)

The AUC welcomes you to the company of underwater enthusiasts from all across the province. Join a dive event, scuba club or uw sports club which offers you a great opportunity to have fun underwater and above water with a group of similar minded individuals. Many AB Scuba Clubs offer opportunities to continually improve your scuba skills through on-going training or travel.

Link to previous year's PDF - DIVE ALBERTA Events & Lake Cleanup Calendar

Link to Alberta Underwater Council Events

Volunteer ..... above or dive in ...... below the surface, get wet & even make a splash for trash!

Reminder: Be sure to RSVP to the Dive Event Host/Sponsor, etc. as numbers at events can be limited.

What is local scuba diving in Alberta like? Here is a video sample of what you can expect.

VIDEO Link to "Diving in Alberta"

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