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Bingos & Casinos - back on after delays due to COVID

Bingos generate revenue for the AUC that is used to fund our programs and club projects. The monies received from each bingo are divided among the participating clubs based on the number of volunteers from each club. The AUC retains a portion of the bingo revenue to offset operating costs. Clubs receive quarterly reports on their fund status.

The AUC must follow the Alberta Gaming Commission guidelines on how the money can be spent to ensure the continuation of these funds for future use. For example, some clubs decide to use their credits to pay for pool facility rental or purchase equipment or lifesaving, 1st Aid equipment, etc. 

Note: ALGC's Gaming Guidelines requires at least 50% of Gaming proceeds to be spent on "Youth & Youth Programs".


If you wish to volunteer at upcoming Bingos, please contact:

Bingo Coordinator:

Edmonton - Wing Diver Scuba Club Contact: Tom Davies, Hm Ph: 780-462-1551,

Edmonton - UW Hockey Club Contact:  Please contact:


Casinos are held approx every 24 months in the Edmonton area and are an important source of funds for the Council's programs for the whole province.

AUC's UPCOMING CASINO DATE: expected for 3rd quarter of 2024


If you wish to volunteer at an upcoming AUC Casino, please contact the AUC Office.  

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