Dive Shops/Instructors* in Alberta

Need scuba training, courses, refreshers, air fills, scuba or snorkeling equipment near you? See these links below!

The Dive Shops operating in Alberta offer a wide variety of services - from initial snorkel or scuba training, with offerings of all scuba equipment needed - all the way up to exotic dive travel opportunities or escorted dive travel.  Please support them & visit your local favourite dive shop for gear sales and rentals, scuba courses and training, local diving opportunities, lake cleanups, dive trips and escorted group travel.

Please support them by shopping in Alberta.  Please note that the AUC doesn't not provide scuba courses other than our school/youth outreach programs.  The AUC is independent and neutral when it comes to all Alberta Dive Centres and their scuba certification agencies. We welcome participation from any of Alberta's dive stores and their associated training agencies or suppliers.  We always endeavor to operate fairly, cooperatively & reciprocally with all organizations & individuals that wish to engage with the Council.

DISCLAIMER: Listings below do not imply any endorsement, recommendation, responsibility, warranty, etc.  Provided as information only.

Alberta's Dive Shops/Retailers are listed here in alphabetical order by CITY, then followed by Alberta's Independent Scuba Instructors*, local On-Line Scuba Gear Sites, Air Fill Stations, and Dive Travel Specialists.

Please Support Your Local Businesses! Shop local, buy local.



Aqua Dive and Watersports  * Bronze Level Sponsor of the AUC
9950 Macleod Trail South (moved from Airdrie location)
Calgary, AB  T2J 3K9
Phone: (587) 353-3483

The Dive Shop   ***GOLD Level Sponsor of the AUC
4652 McLeod Trail SW
Calgary, AB  T2G 5E8
Phone: (403) 243-4616


The Dive Outfitters ***GOLD Level Sponsor of the AUC
11781 – 156 Street

Edmonton, AB T5M 3N4
Phone: (780) 483-0044
Toll Free: 1-(888) 483-0049

Northwest Scuba 
6815 -104 Street
Edmonton, AB  T6H 2L5
Phone: (780) 438-1218


Ocean Sports ***GOLD Level Sponsor of the AUC
10133 - 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T6H 2B5
Phone: (780) 432-1904


Grande Prairie

Shantara Dive Services
Phone: 780-831-0645
Phone: 780-513-8912




Awesome Adventures  *Bronze Level Sponsor of the AUC

314 - 11 Street South

Lethbridge, AB  T1J 2N8

Phone: 403-328-5041



Red Deer & Central Alberta:

Alberta Adventure Divers - Red Deer Division

Mark Faas, Email - mark@albertadivers.ca
Phone - 403-857-8008
Website - Albertadivers.ca

St Paul:

Atlantis Diving Services  

Box 1539

St. Paul, AB  T0A 3A0

Phone: 780-645-1861



Wainwright & Lloydminster:

Alberta Adventure Divers *** GOLD Level Supporter of the AUC

1908 - 19 Ave

Wainwright, AB

Phone: 780-842-2882


AUC's sincere appreciation & thanks to our outstanding AB Dive Retailers (especially our Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Level Supporters), On-Line Scuba Stores, the AB Independent Scuba Instructors & our Dive Travel Specialists for their yearly support of the AUC's mandate & goals.  Plus for their generous hosting /sponsoring of many Alberta's local dive events & lake cleanups and/or support of the AUC's bi-annual Divescapes Scuba Conference!

Independent Local Scuba Instructors* ...... out & about across Alberta near you ...............

Independent Instructors in Alberta - support local scuba instructor!

Listed by Alberta's City/Town in Alphabetical Order:

*Independent Local Scuba Instructors often provide their services in smaller communities in Alberta. As an "independent" they do not usually affiliate with only one dive shop so remain neutral to scuba gear manufacturers, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Listings below do not imply any endorsement, recommendation, responsibility, warranty, etc.  Provided as information only.



Alan Keller, PADI Master Instructor


Dive Strong Canada: Lana Taylor** 

Calgary ScubaPh: 403-228-5756

T4 Scuba: (info to come)


Cold Lake: Stuart Dunnill, Dunnill’s Diving Services, Ph: 780-573-3573,

email: stuart.dunnill@hotmail.com, Open Water Diver Courses, plus specialties

Fort McMurray: Matthew Graham PADI ##497677, Ph: 780-545-4370, email: driftdiver24@yahoo.ca


Jasper: Nathan D'Heer, Jasper Dive Adventures, 780-852-3560, jasperdiveadventures@hotmail.com

Red Deer:

Mark Faas, Email - mark@albertadivers.ca, Ph. 403-857-8008, albertadivers.ca


Rocky Mt House: Denise Boniface, Aqua-Nuts Diving, 403-846-3914


Want to be listed here? Please contact AUC Office: info@albertaunderwatercouncil.com

ONLINE IN ALBERTA - Scuba Gear Sales OnLine - support local businesses!

Aqua Sport On‐line** aquasportscuba.com      
* Bronze Level Sponsor of the AUC       

The Dive Shop - On-Line**    * Bronze Level Sponsor of the AUC 

diveshopscuba.com/shop, Ph: 403-243-4616


Ocean Sports** oceansports.ca   
**Gold Level Sponsor of the AUC                                                               
Ph: 780‐432‐1904, 1‐800‐561‐3483


Scuba Gear Canada** scubagearcanada.ca   **Gold Level Sponsor of the AUC                                            
Ph: 780‐483‐0044, 1‐888‐483‐0049, info@scubagearcanada.ca

Interested in Dive Travel?? Alberta's Local Dive

Travel Specialists:

Looking for Scuba Group Trips??  Be sure to check out the dive trips offered by many of

Alberta's Dive Shops or their Instructors, plus local AB Scuba Clubs, local Independent

Scuba Instructors and/or these - Alberta's Dive Travel Specialists:

Melinda's Travel Only

Melinda (Novak) Gilroy, Ph: 403-467-3125


Tropical Adventures Travel

Phone: 780-809-3636 EXT 1 or Toll Free 1-877-516-5525 EXT 1

USEFUL LINKS for other Scuba Resources in Alberta

Air Fill Only Remote Stations

Jasper: Jasper Volunteer Fire Hall, Ph: 780-931-0075, $10 Cash, on Saturdays only, 3-5 pm

(if available, subject to change without notice)

LOOKING FOR USED SCUBA GEAR? LISTINGS of USED Scuba Gear:  See this FB Group: "Alberta Divers - Buy, Sell Trade" for Used Scuba Gear - this is local AB Group Facebook Page for any used scuba gear (buy or sell or trade) available in Alberta. (Note: used gear ads no longer accepted on AUC FB Group page or most other scuba club FB pages). 
REMEMBER: BUYER BEWARE !!!  OLD scuba gear can be dangerous & should be serviced before use. USE CAUTION. Contact a trusted LDS (local dive shop owner, staff, instructor or divemaster) or dive buddy - so that your don't
over-pay for old, unserviceable scuba gear.

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