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FAQ - AB Dive Events

What is involved in a Dive Event or Lake Cleanup?

Depends on each dive event, but the details will be posted on this website, AUC's Facebook page, or Event Host's webpage or Facebook which should help answer most of your questions as every event is just a bit different.  If not, please email or phone the the Event's host (the AUC or local Dive Shop (LDS) or AB Scuba Club).

How do I sign-up or RSVP?

Follow the directions provided by the AUC or event host.  Often you can choose to RSVP via Facebook, or sometimes you must phone or email the event host (dive club or LDS (local dive shop host), or phone, or email the AUC office. AUC membership is also needed, only $20 per person/per year.

MOST EVENTS REQUIRE Pre-registration or RSVP in advance.  Please be sure to contact the event host & get details.

How much does it cost to participate?        

Depends on the event - but usually a small fee $5-30 per person is usually payable in cash during registration at the event location or in advance with the AB local dive shop (LDS) or AB Scuba Club. Lunch & water is often no longer provided by the event host and/or the AUC due to COVID restrictions. Remember, sometimes you can must register & pay in advance at the host dive shop/club or AUC as numbers are limited.  Additional family members or friends are always welcome.  Please bring your own lunch/snacks, juice/water, etc

Also remember that you will be automatically asked to join the AUC when you sign the event waiver. Please be sure to purchase or renew your AUC membership in advance or at your 1st event of the dive season (due one year from your start date).  The Fine Print: AUC membership must be current & up to date to participate & to qualify for the event's prizes (if available) or for the Grand Prizes at the end of the dive season.


What if I need a dive buddy?

Organizers can usually help find a compatible dive buddy or arrive early, be friendly & find your own.  Be sure to let organizer's know at registration or at the Dive Safety Briefing at the latest if you still need a dive buddy!  Teams of 2 are preferred. 


BUT remember to always dive to your own experience, comfort & fitness level and know that you are responsible for your own safety.  It's a fine line between stretching & challenging your underwater abilities, OR trying to keep up to your more experienced, or possibly fitter dive buddy and keeping yourself safe within your limitations.  

What if I completed my open water certification while on a tropical scuba vacation and have only warm water diving experience?

Before participating in most of the AUC's Dive Alberta events & lake cleanups you should contact your favourite local dive shop (LDS) or scuba instructor during the early summer dive season for open water "guided dives" with a divemaster OR complete an advanced specialty course - OR - complete an Intro to Cold Water Diving- either choice is great value for personalized service to orient tropical or new divers to Alberta's sometimes challenging conditions, with often more difficult entry, exits points, etc and of course, all of the extra scuba gear required - heavy wetsuits, (or take dry-suit training), plus hood, gloves, and the heavier weights required.  It's not difficult - just a bit more task loading for most beginner scuba divers and the more often you can get out & practice the better a diver you can become!  

Remember, some dive events benefit from taking advanced dive courses prior to participation!  So contact your favourite LDS (local dive shop) or Instructor for Peak or Advanced Buoyancy, Navigation, Drysuit, Cold Water Intro, etc. 

What do I need to bring?

Now that you are a "certified scuba diver" you are responsible to bring all your own scuba/snorkeling gear.  You can purchase or rent - so contact your favourite AB Dive Shop (LDS) or nearest local scuba instructor to reserve & rent or start to purchase all the scuba gear you will need - including tanks (usually 1-2 or more) & weights/weight belt (please shop in Alberta, see AB Dive Shops. Most events are one day, but some are 2 day events.  Divers often rent extra tanks & take this opportunity to get extra dives in with new dive buddies at new dive sites around Alberta.


Additionally, you must remember to bring your C-Card (Scuba Certification Card), plus you must fill out & sign the AUC Dive Event Liability Waiver.  Plus please provide emergency contact information.  Even non-diving volunteers, shore support, paddlers, etc, must fill out and sign the event waiver.  This also ensures that your name(s) are automatically entered into the Grand Prize Draws!


GEAR TO BRING: Scuba Divers: please bring: all your own scuba/snorkel gear, one-two tanks, PLUS one dive slate & compass per buddy team, a diver's cutting device (for safety, especially during lake cleanups as fishing line & other debris cause entanglement hazards).   PLUS a small tarp to change on & keep your gear organized & clean.

ALSO BRING: all your own water/juice/lunch/snacks & any special dietary requirements, a lawn chair(s), a tarp to change on & keep gear organized, appropriate clothing, bug spray/sunscreen, etc. 


At some events, often a scuba raffle prize has been donated by a generous dive shop (LDS) sponsor so bring extra cash (loonies/toonies) to purchase raffle tickets.  Also remember to bring anything else you & or family & friends need to have fun & enjoy your day/weekend!


NOTE: Please try to arrive early or exactly on time, as you must be present for the

Dive Event/Lake Clean-up's Dive Safety Briefing to be able to safely participate at most events. 



The Fine Print... Scuba Safety at Events & Beyond - Dive Safe, Have Fun!
My Responsibilities & Assumption of Risk
as a Diver at Events

As a certified scuba diver (or volunteer or paddler at event or lake cleanup),

you are responsible for your own safety & for managing the risks that are inherent within our sport.


  • Because your scuba certification qualifies you to dive independently,

  • there is no requirement for supervision - we are only there coordinating the logistical aspects of the dive event/lake cleanup.  

  • We will do our best to inform of the dive's risks & of any uncertainties or unknowns.  

  • Knowing the risks & understanding the limits of your training, experience, physical fitness, etc, it is NOW

  • YOUR RESPONSIBILITY is to manage these risks & acknowledge that you are fully responsible for your own actions.

If anyone feels uncomfortable with any dive - at any time, your dive plan should be adjusted to accommodate your comfort level, experience, fitness, etc. and this should include deciding not to dive today - with any fear of embarrassment or pressure to perform. 

Cancel or "call the dive" or change the plan!  No blame - no shame!  

Don't push your luck ever, as today - it might just run out!!

Click here for Current Dive Alberta Event Calendar   (remember most 2024 dates are tentative sometimes due to ever evolving parking issues, etc, with limited spots available so RSVP to host.


Also please remember that most events/scuba clubs are run by volunteers - so be nice!

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