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FAQ - Discover Scuba Intro for Schools

What is the AUC's "Discover Scuba Intro" Experience for Schools/Youths"?

This "Discover Scuba Intro" School Program is designed as a fun and brief introductory session of the rapidly growing activity of Scuba Diving for Alberta school/youth groups. During these scuba pool sessions (arranged/rented by the teachers/group leaders) the students will learn the basic techniques of Scuba Diving and will thoroughly enjoy their hands-on scuba discovery experience in their local pool. This exciting program has been used to enrich the physical education program curriculum in schools from all regions in the province of Alberta for over 30 years now with safe participation of over 10,000 students.


Who Can Participate?

Anyone who is in good health from the age of twelve and up. Participants will automatically become student members of the "Alberta Underwater Council" and each will receive a "AUC Discover Scuba Intro Participant" certificate. Students, and their parents and/or guardians with any serious health related questions/concerns are encouraged to contact our office, or the instructor and also please consult (prior to participating) with their family physician.


What Equipment is Needed?

It's all supplied!  The Alberta Underwater Council with the support of AB Government - Recreation, Physical Activities & AGLC Casino/Bingo funds (in addition to generous donations from Alberta's Scuba Clubs helps provide a qualified & insured scuba instructor, plus all of the necessary scuba gear to your nearest aquatic pool facility. 

Teachers - please remind the kids to bring their bathing suit, towel & an old t-shirt to wear in the pool.


How & When Do I Book an Aquatic Facility?

This is fast becoming the most tricky part - as most community, rural or city pools are booked up by schools & other groups very quickly, very early in the school year!  So check your possible & preferred dates right away and then contact your local pool as early as possible to see if those dates are available. Suggest that you tentatively book it and immediately after that, please phone, text or email our Scuba Instructor" Contact: Carson Ganci directly at: Cell Phone: 780-860-6618 or via Email: 

to check his availability/schedule & confirm those date(s).  Please do this as soon and as early in the school year (or semester) as possible.

For groups between 8-16 participants,  at least 2 hours of pool is needed

- For groups greater -  book at two & one-half hours or more of pool time required with additional pool-side & in-pool instruction time required and students divided into 2 or more groups.

Contact our Scuba Instructor: Carson directly for all the logistics needed: Cell Phone: 780-860-6618 or


How Much Does it Cost?

Usually: $38.00 per participant + GST, or more, depending on your location in the province

This includes the insured instructor and the use of all the scuba diving equipment. It does not include any possible student transportation costs to and/or the pool facility rental if required.  Note: Minimum invoicing is 15 students or more depending on your location.


Minimums?  Yes, unfortunately, due to rapidly rising & often fluctuating fuel costs & the travel time required - a fuel surcharge and/or a minimum number of students (usually 15, 20 or more) will be required, depending on your location in the province of Alberta.  Our Instructor: Carson Ganci will advise the cost & minimums required for your location upon initial contact.


Who is our Discover Scuba Intro Experience Outreach Instructor?

Carson Ganci, is a fully certified PADI Instructor with over 40 years experience teaching scuba diving around the world.  For over 30 years now he has been specializing in teaching this introductory discover scuba program to students throughout Alberta with the Council. He has safely introduced over ten thousand of Alberta students to "Discover Scuba Intro" in a local swimming pool.  His technique, expertise and natural ability with students make this program not only educational & safe but fun & entertaining as well for the students, staff & even the lifeguards on deck enjoy working with Carson for the safety of all.  Remember, safety is paramount so students must comply with directions given by our Scuba Instructor, lifeguards/staff, and their teacher, bus driver, etc., or will be asked to sit out.


What is the Cancellation Policy?

If cancelling, please provide as much notice as possible!  Reasonable notice - such as 48 hours or more is required.  Cancellations made with less than 24 hour notice will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.  Instructor will also try to contact you in advance to confirm numbers of students, ages, approximate sizes, of those that are healthy & expected to attend (but remember, minimums still apply).

How can I get hold of you after hours?

In an emergency or after hours, you can contact AUC's Youth Outreach "Discover Scuba Intro" Instructor, Carson Ganci directly at: 

Cell Phone: 780-860-6618 or Email: 

What Forms/Waivers do Participants Need to Sign & Complete?

Yes, you'll need to ensure that the "AUC's Discover Scuba Medical/Wavier & Registration Form (4 pages)" (click on pfd's below) are filled out and signed by each student participant and their parent/guardian, and must be brought to the pool on the day of the Discover Scuba Intro experience. Students, must be free of cold, congestion, flu, etc.,  or encouraged to stay home or sit out on pool deck if unwell or nervous.  Parents and/or guardians with any health related questions or concerns, consult with their family physician.    

Teachers/Organizers: please bring & give completed & signed Medical/Waiver, plus Registration Form = 4 pages total to the Instructor at pool on the day of the Discover Scuba event.

Note: Forms must be signed by both parent & students & brought to the pool on the scheduled day - no exceptions!

Thanks! Message sent.

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