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Intro to Underwater Hockey for Schools/Youth Groups - scheduled at your request.
See contact info below.


The AUC offers underwater hockey and introduction programs to schools and youth groups, primarily in Edmonton and Calgary areas, but other rural locations can possibly be accommodated.   This is a great activity for anyone involved with coordinating youth programs – junior high teachers, senior high teachers, phys-ed coordinators, swim coaches, youth clubs, camp leaders, sport coaches, etc.

Underwater hockey is supported and promoted throughout Alberta where clubs gather to play and help develop these sports.   The AUC supports training for recognized national and international competitions.  See Alberta's UWH Club listings below.

Intro to UW Hockey for Schools/Youth 




Please choose from two different formats:

  1. Quick Underwater Hockey Intro

    • 1 pool session up to 1 hour​

    • Max 25-30 participants, depending on pool size, Please note our small price increase:

    • Cost $17 plus GST each, minimum billing is 15 students (or more) depending on your location in the province. (Contact the AUC Office with your location if applicable)

  2. Comprehensive Underwater Hockey Intro

    • 2 pool sessions on 2 different days, up to 1 hour each​, please note our small price increase

    • Max 25-30 participants, depending on pool size

    • Cost $20 plus GST each, minimum billing is 15 students (or more) depending on your location in the province.

Please remember to book your own aquatic pool facility and arrange for transportation to and from the pool.

Contact the instructors directly for available dates/times/minimums.  


Call soon to get your preferred dates both at your local pool & with our instructors.

PHONE: 780-264-3371, leave a detailed message, Email:

Into to UW Hockey pdf

U/W Hockey's Local Clubs & Contacts in Alberta
  • Calgary Underwater Hockey Club Juniors (Facebook Group Link)
    Calgary Underwater Hockey Club is a junior club for players under 19. The mission of CUHC is to promote the safe practice of the sport and we offer members the opportunity to challenge themselves and enhance their skills. Everyone is welcome to join the adventure!



UW Hockey Clubs
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