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Wing Divers Scuba Club

The Wing Divers Scuba Club hosts a variety of activities for divers and non-diving partners in Edmonton & at Twin Lakes (near Winfield, AB). Throughout the year we have several opportunities to participate in steak BBQ’s, local canoe trips, winter tropical trips with diving, and local diving fun.  In addition, a weekly pool rental (September-June) and of course the Twin Lakes Diving Facility for the avid cold water diver to enjoy & expand their diving capabilities'.

Twin Lakes         

The Twin Lakes Diving Facility is located approximately 1.5 hours southwest of Edmonton, and as the name suggests “Twin Lakes”.  The facility consists of a heated trailer with sufficient amenities to make for a comfortable dive and surface interval. The dock was built by the Wing Divers and is shared with local swimmers in the summer.  Trailer access for members can be arranged after completing an orientation session at the lake.

Weekly Pool Swimming/Diving

From September to June, the Wing Divers usually rents the Confederation Pool (next to Harry Ainley H.S.) , for an hour on Sunday evenings from 5:45pm – 6:45pm.  The pool facilities includes lane swimming, deep tank for diving, and hot pool.  It is a great opportunity to keep fit and polish those diving skills for the winter vacation.  Families, couples, singles are all welcome. First pool visit is free so bring your dive gear or come out & swim to stay fit for diving!   We usually go for supper after, for those of you who are new to the club or would like more info about membership!

You are welcome to come out and join us at the pool for a trial session, just contact Tom (Club President, see below) beforehand.

Annual Events

Wing Divers help host the annual Scuba Club dive weekend which is usually held July.  In addition, the club hosts a spring steak BBQ and a winter Christmas pot luck dinner (for members).  Plus annual group dive travel destination, contact club for more info, usually 2 weeks in Jan or Feb each year to a tropical destination.  Previous trips include Thailand, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, West Coast of BC, etc. 


Opportunities to Volunteer

Volunteers always welcome & needed with helping maintain the Twin Lakes facility. Out at the lake we have a spring & Fall work-party, which is a great opportunity to meet local divers and contribute to the operation of the lake facility. Wing Divers also assist participating every May Long Weekend Camp 'n Dive in Jasper plus their own annual event at Twin Lakes. Volunteers are always needed to work monthly bingos.  Funds raised go towards Wing Diver activities and help with the funding of AUC Programs.  Participation at a bingo can help reduce your membership by $15.00 for each bingo worked.


Currently Wing Diver Club Membership:

Family  - $125.00 

Individual - $75.00.


Your membership includes:

  • AUC (Alberta Underwater Council) fees

  • Pool access September – June

  • Social events (usually summer BBQ & Xmas Social)

  • Diving out at Twin Lakes including access to the trailer which can be arranged after an facility orientation session

  • Membership Fees are reviewed annually and subject to change



Twin Lakes Divers (Facebook Page)


General Information & Membership                                                           



For Pool Access, Bingo/Casino Volunteers   

Tom Davies (President) 

Phone: 780-462-1551


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