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Find a Dive Buddy

Looking for a dive buddy?


Face Book

Join our group on the AUC’s Facebook Page. Then post your expected dive date, time, and location. Provide just enough info that you feel comfortable sharing and use caution on all social media sites. Use private messaging to confirm private details like phone numbers or emails.  New to Facebook?? It is a great tool to find out about Alberta's Scuba Dive Club events, upcoming local dives, socials, club pool dates & times & even group dive travel opportunities.  Also be sure to Search for and then join your local club/or dive shop's Facebook Page.


AUC Dive Events

Meet other divers by joining in the fun at an AUC dive event or lake clean-up.  Dive Alberta 2024  - See AUC's Dive Alberta Event Calendar 2024  for the dive season's events  (refer for similar dive events planned for next year, COVID permitting).


Local Dive Stores (LDS)

Check with your local dive store or local scuba instructor for their upcoming advanced and specialty courses. Whether it is a camp & dive weekend at a local lake, or traveling to BC or exotic travel destinations, these are often led by local scuba instructors or dive centre personnel.


Why scuba dive in Alberta??

Scuba diving in Alberta from early spring to late fall & even during winter offers many, very unique opportunities for scuba divers.  From experiencing the crystal clear waters with spectacular mountain vistas, or participating in recovering trash from some of Alberta's busiest & popular beaches (like the Sylvan Lake, Banff Lake Cleanups, Calgary's subdivision/community lakes) to exploring Alberta's underwater heritage at submerged dams, townsite or an abandoned steam paddle-wheeler to shooting a few rounds of upside-down "under ice" golf during winter.  Alberta's scuba diving experiences can be fun, diverse, challenging and rewarding.  

Where to scuba dive in Alberta??

The AUC has created the "Alberta Dive Guide & Log Book" (new & improved) is available for purchase from your local favourite dive shop (ask for it) OR purchase online thru the AUC Webstore.  Alberta Dive Guide will help you with where & which location is best for a beginner or advanced divers at many popular dive sites in AB.  With depths, attractions, hazards, etc., plus often includes maps, photos (both above & below the surface) at Alberta's most popular sites & at the AUC's annual Dive Alberta events & lake cleanups! 


Certified only in the tropics & brand-new to local diving in Alberta?

Please contact your local favourite or nearest dive store or instructor for an Open Water guided dive with a divemaster/instructor (extra fees may apply) or take an Advanced Specialty course, such as Drysuit Diver. Both are a great value with personalized service to orient tropical or new divers to Alberta's sometimes challenging conditions & the extra equipment required (extra weights, hood, gloves, heavier wetsuit or a drysuit).  The adage is true - if you dive often in Alberta - you can dive anywhere in the world!  From Canada's West Coast, to the Great Lakes, to East Coast, to just about anywhere in the underwater world!


Want to become one of those effortless, expert divers you've seen & admired on your last tropical dive trip? 

Chances are they have probably put in lots of "bottom time" by scuba diving locally in their home ponds or around the province and in the pool during the winter or off-season (in Edmonton or in Calgary You can too! 

During Alberta's dive season - be sure to head out to one of Alberta’s lakes, or take an Advanced Specialty course with your favourite dive store or local dive instructor.  Then come out & participate at a few of the AUC's Dive Alberta annual events or lake cleanups to get wet & get some scuba practice in.  During winter, contact your favourite dive shop and dive-in a few pool sessions to help tune-up your scuba safety skills, get properly weighted, practice your buoyancy, or get familiar with new or rented dive gear or practice with uw camera before traveling to that exotic dive destination or take in a very unique vista - ICE DIVING (with your favourite local shop).


Congratulations, after all that scuba practice, enjoying, training & just getting wet in Alberta can help create experienced, expert & safe scuba divers who can enjoy diving anywhere in the world!  You get to reap the rewards of being closer in scuba skills to that admired expert diver and can now help out & encourage that struggling newbie diver in the group or on the dive boat on your next dive trip!  Continue your scuba skills with leadership courses (diver master or Instructor) or even expand into technical diving!

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