Dive Events & Lake Clean-ups

ON HOLD (indefinitely) due to COVID-19

The AUC promotes local diving in Alberta by sanctioning and providing support for scuba diving events and underwater lake clean-ups held yearly by affiliated AB Scuba ClubsAlberta Dive Centres & the AUC, all around Alberta. 

DATES for 2020 were tentatively set but are all now on hold due to COVID-19. Events not yet cancelled might be postponed. All 2020 event dates are yet to be determined. Lunch is no longer provided, must bring own lunch/snacks, juice/water, etc.


Click here for PDF last year's Dive Alberta Events & Lake Cleanup Calendar!


Congratulations.... you are now an Open Water Scuba Diver!  Pool/classroom and open water certification (accomplished here at home or in the tropics) is complete.


So now you ask...... “WHAT'S NEXT????”  New and experienced scuba divers are encouraged to get out & get wet by diving locally!!  Taking an advanced course or specialty or locally "guided dives" can be the next step but also practicing your scuba skills in-between is essential too! 


But how to do that??  How to find a buddy??  Where to go diving?? Here is where the AUC can help!


Why participate or volunteer at a Dive Alberta event or Lake Cleanup?

  • Discover local diving with the AUC

  • Meet new dive buddies

  • Practice & increase your underwater scuba skills

  • AUC members often enjoy reduced event fees at many dive events

  • Contribute to environmental lake cleanups!

  • EARN POINTS for the AUC's AB DIVER OF THE YEAR (more info to come soon!)


FAQ - Answers to those most frequently asked questions about participating!


Add some fun & find dive buddies too!  Participate at this year's Dive Alberta Annual Events & Lake Cleanups!  Participate or volunteer above or below the surface at your choice at many AUC Dive Alberta events from early spring up to late fall in Alberta.


Most events include: dive activities, like underwater navigation, scavenger hunts, u/w poker, dive caching, plus lake clean-up components or even river snorkeling!


Some events are fully dedicated lake cleanups - like the Banff's or Sylvan Lake's  fall cleanups.  Some AUC dive events can challenge even the most experienced diver.  But new scuba divers still have lots of opportunities to develop their in-water scuba skills (like u/w navigation) while having fun & meeting new people from all across Alberta.


Watch for the new & improved AUC's Alberta Dive Guide which should be available for purchase at your favourite local Dive Centre/Retailer or on-line thru the AUC's web-store! This will help with the where & which location is best for the beginner & advanced divers in Alberta.  


AUC Dive Alberta 2020 Event & Lake Cleanup Calendar (to come)

Please mark your calendar for the AUC's Dive Alberta Events in 2020 (date to come)

Dates/locations are always subject to change without much notice!  Please contact the host club/dive or the AUC office if planning to attend.

Last year, in 2019, over 520 scuba divers, plus friends & families, in addition to AUC's Casino & AGM came out & enjoyed the camaraderie of new scuba buddies and removed over 1 1/2 tons of trash from AB lakes & rivers in 2019 (slightly less recovered last year as a few cleanups or events were cancelled due to wind/snow storms). 


That's an accumulative estimate of over 40 tons & counting of debris removed from Alberta's lakes & rivers by Alberta's volunteer scuba divers & the AUC since 1960.  

Win Prizes at events & automatically qualify for GRAND PRIZES!

AUC members automatically qualify for a chance each year end to win GRAND PRIZES! To qualify, just sign the AUC Dive Event Waiver at 2 or more Dive Alberta Events/Lake Cleanups for your chance to WIN!  More events entered = more chances to WIN!   Grand Prizes include:

Participation or Event Prizes are handed out or raffled at most AUC events, thanks to sponsors from local dive shops, local Alberta scuba clubs, gear suppliers, and sometimes even local businesses (if available)!

Divers, Remember to Bring:
  • All your dive gear & tanks (one or more) - BCD, regulators, drysuit/wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins, boots, weights, dive computer, hood, gloves, etc.  

  • Rent & bring extra tanks for more diving if possible, air-fills are usually not available onsite

  • Additional dive gear to bring:  u/w slate, compass, dive light, plus a small tarp to change on

  • Your certification card and logbook 

  • Warm clothing, even if the sun is shining, be prepared for typical Alberta weather which could be sunny  - plus everything in between

  • Most events (but not all) include food and water, but if you have allergies or special dietary requirements, please bring your own lunch, snacks, drinks

  • Lawn chair, bug spray, sunscreen

  • Don't forget Cash for registration fees, raffle draws, etc.

Thank You ...... to all our Volunteers, AB Scuba Clubs & AB Dive Shops! ​ 


All registered & current members participating and volunteering, above or below the surface, at AUC sanctioned events and lake cleanups are acknowledged and thanked for their involvement at each event & are also encouraged by being eligible to win prizes donated by our sponsors at the events (when available).  At entry in 2 events during the dive season are automatically entered to win our DIVE ALBERTA Grand Prizes!


We honor and especially appreciate our volunteers who put in many hours of their own time over the past 60+ years, like:

  • AUC Board Members (past, present & future) & other scuba or underwater hockey members who've accumulated many hours in meetings, functions, events, tournaments, lake cleanups, outdoor shows, etc. 

  • Scuba safety volunteers who donate their time to putting in the: Banff Safety Marker Buoys, Dive Flag Awareness signs at Alberta's boat launches, as well as those who volunteered many hours at the AUC booth at local boat & sportsman & outdoor shows around Alberta to help educate boaters about the "Diver Down" flag/buoy & "For Fishes' Sake, Don't Throw Litter!

  • Also the countless bubble-blowing hours spent underwater by those who have created, maintained underwater parks and navigation courses at Alberta's lakes

  • And the countless hours and 40 tons of trash (and counting) removed from lakes including Twin Lakes, Cold Lake, Sylvan Lake, Quarry Lake in Canmore, Lake Minnewanka & Two Jack Lake in Banff, Jasper lakes, Waterton, Gull Lake, Mirror Lake, Narrow Lake, etc, over the past 6 decades.

  • Let's not forget all of underwater hockey's volunteers from the u/w hockey coaches, their parents for volunteering at fundraisers, billeting, chaperones, board meetings & helping at their club's tournaments, or Canadian or international World championships.


We couldn't do it without you!  AUC celebrates 60 years and is still going strong supporting underwater sports activities in Alberta (since 1960)!  The Council celebrates it's 60th Anniversary in 2020 and the 25th Anniversary of Divescapes Scuba Conference Oct 23, 24, 2020 in Edmonton at the River Cree Resort & Casino).


Thanks to your AUC membership - providing real dollars to support many programs, PLUS the countless hours of volunteers' precious time has been donated to the AUC during every decade since 1960!  Plus the important annual contributions from AB Government support grants, Casino Fundraiser, Bingos and AUC's supportive business partners/sponsors from the scuba industry in Alberta & beyond!

If you are interested in volunteering your talents & time, please contact Cathie at the AUC Office (see contact form below, or phone: 780-427-9125, Toll Free: 1-888-307-8566, email: info@albertaunderwatercouncil.com

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