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Discover Scuba Intros for Schools/Youth Groups


Our Discover Scuba Intro is an Outreach Program for Schools is designed for teachers, school phys-ed programs & youth groups, sports teams/clubs especially in rural areas in the province. It is an introductory experience for youth to discover the exciting activity of scuba diving.  Students/youths will learn the very basic techniques of scuba diving and then will have a hands-on, fun experience discovering scuba diving in a local swimming pool. This exciting program has been used to enrich the physical education program curriculum in schools for over 30 years.

The Council delivers this introductory Discover Scuba or Try Scuba as an outreach program for Alberta schools, youth groups and pool facilities in Alberta upon request for a cost recovery fee.  This helps to ensure continuation of this program for the future.  All equipment and an experienced instructor (over 38 years with PADI) are provided.  Teachers -  for more info: click "FAQ"s below.

NOTE: Alberta Underwater Council (AUC) does not instruct in any of the basic Open Water Scuba Diver or Advanced Scuba Courses for individuals or groups - please contact your nearest Alberta dive store, or independent instructor or dive club in your area of the province. 


  • Students & parents/guardians must fill out and sign both forms below: Discover Scuba Intro Medical/Waiver (click on the PDF below) and D/S Registration Form. BOTH FORMS must be filled out, 4 pages, in total, signed & given to the instructor at the pool facility, by the teacher.

  • No forms? Missing signatures or info?  Then, sorry - the student absolutely cannot get wet on scuba with their classmates that day. 

  • Sorry, no exceptions, insurance & PADI regulations must be strictly adhered to for insurance purposes.

  • Suffering from cold, congestion or flu - stay home or must stay on pool deck that day

  • Parents: Remember, for any serious health issues, please refrain from having your child participate and/or contact your physician in advance but no guarantees for participation in pool.

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