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FAQ - Underwater Hockey Intros For Schools/Youths

What’s Included?

All necessary snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, fins) plus all the underwater hockey gear (sticks, pucks, gloves). Includes experienced underwater hockey coach.  Remind students to bring bathing suit & towel.

What will students learn?

Students will learn about properly wearing and fitting the gear, basic snorkeling skills, underwater hockey skills, followed by a quick underwater hockey game (1 hour basic intro). The comprehensive intro (1 hour sessions x 2 days) allows for more time for snorkeling instruction, puck passing skills, defensive moves, and more playing time.

Are adults required to participate?

We would prefer that at least 1 responsible adult (teacher or group leader) also gear up and get wet with the students if possible, especially for larger and/or younger age groups, as this adds greater in-water safety and extra control in the pool.

How many participants can we have?

Maximum number of participants is 20-25, depending on the size of the pool allocated to your class. Groups will be billed for a minimum of 15 students (or more depending on your location in the province) regardless of how many students actually show up and get wet during the booking. This is to ensure our costs are covered for each session for future continuation of the program.  


What does it cost?  Please note a small price increase:

Basic UW Hockey Intro: $18 per student +GST  OR Comprehensive UW Hockey Intro: $20 each + GST

This includes the insured instructor and the use of all the snorkeling & u/w hockey equipment. It does not include any  possible transportation costs and/or the pool facility rental if required. 

How Do I Book an Aquatic Facility & for How Long?

This is fast becoming the most tricky part - as most community, rural or city pools are booked up by school groups, very quickly, very early in the school year or semester!  So check your preferred dates right away and then contact your local pool as early as possible to see if those dates are available. Suggest that you tentatively book it and immediately after that, please phone, text or email the AUC Office to confirm those date(s).


Must do this as soon and as early in the school year (or semester) as possible.  Choose between:


​"BASIC Intro to UW Hockey" - 15 - 25 participants (or less),  1 hour of pool is needed.


"COMPREHENSIVE Intro to UW Hockey" - 15- 25 participants (or less), book one hour pool time each on 2 different days,

 (choose subsequent days or within the same week OR the following week - your choice). 


Larger groups can also be accommodated, with additional pool-instruction time as required.  

Is there a minimum age?

This program is geared for students ages 10 - 21 years old.


Do participants need to know how to swim?

Basic swimming abilities are required and participants should feel comfortable in water.

How can I get hold of you after hours?

In an emergency or after hours - TBA

Cancellation policy?

If you must cancel, please provide as much notice as possible. Reasonable notice, such as at least 48 hours is required. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a cancellation fee. Instructor will try to contact you in advance to confirm numbers of students expected to attend.

Is there a Form Participants Need to Sign & Complete?

Yes, you need to ensure that the AUC's UW Hockey Waiver (1 page) is filled out and signed by each student participant and their parent/guardian prior to the event. Students with any serious health related questions or concerns, their parents and/or guardians encouraged to contact our office, or the instructor and also please consult with their family physician prior to participating.


Teachers/Organizers: please bring & give these completed & signed forms to the Instructor at the UW Hockey Intro event.


Note: Form must be signed by both parent & students!  Don't forget bathing suit & towel!!

UW Hockey Intro Postcard for Schools/Youth.pdf

Thanks! Message sent.

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