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About Us

    Alberta Underwater Council

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What is the AUC??

What do they do??

Why join??


The Alberta Underwater Council is the representative non-profit body for underwater sporting activities in the Province of Alberta which endeavours to encourage underwater related sports/activities. It is managed by an Executive Director and has a volunteer board of directors elected at the spring Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Elections.


Created in 1960, the AUC has benefited from amazing volunteers working hard for their Scuba Council in every decade since, evolving & changing as needed over the past 60 years!  We're proud of our accumulative estimate of over 40 tons & counting of debris removed from Alberta's lakes & rivers by Alberta's scuba divers since the early sixties. 


Since 1960, the AUC has been active in: divers' right to dive, dive training, dive safety issues, marine ecology, environmental lake cleanups, legislation, conservation and underwater archeology and heritage plus support for Alberta scuba & underwater sports clubs.

AUC MISSION: To encourage responsible participation in and an awareness of the many underwater activities available while seeking to preserve the aquatic environment.


WE REPRESENT: the interests of Alberta's u/w enthusiasts to all levels of government.


  • Safe scuba diving practices & ask members to maintain & increase their scuba skills by participating in and organizing scuba club/group dive activities.  

  • We help keep members informed of upcoming events, latest scuba safety tips & technology, advanced dive training, scuba pool fun practice, dive travel opportunities, and scuba social/club activities.


WE ADVOCATE: Scuba diving, snorkeling, u/w sports (like u/w hockey) as life-long activities through our U/W Outreach Programs for Schools/Youth & Divescapes Scuba Conference.  


  • Dive safety practices and knowledge

  • Conservation of historic dive sites (eg. Jasper's Project Habbakuk, Banff's Lake Minnewanka submerged 1912 dam & townsite, and Waterton's paddle-wheeler "The Gertrude").

  • Environmental cleanups in Alberta's lakes, rivers & streams for the benefit of all Albertans - over 40 tons & counting of trash removed from AB lakes/rivers since 1960's. 

What do we offer our Members?? only: @$20 pp/yr

  • Reduced event fees for members, plus many

  • Made in Alberta programs supporting the adventure of local diving,

    • Lake cleanups,

    • Dive safety including Human Factors

    • support for local scuba & Underwater hockey clubs in Alberta.  


PLUS:  Communications: eNEWS, FACEBOOK, etc. Dive Alberta Annual Events/Lake Cleanup support, U/W Hockey Tournaments, Fundraisers, Sport Accident Insurance,           AB Dive (or UW) Clubs' Directors' Insurance,

DIVESCAPES SCUBA CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION (every 2-3 yrs budget/covid permitting), Discover Scuba Experiences & Intro to UW Hockey for Schools & Youth Groups in Alberta, The Alberta Dive Guide & Log Book, AUC Scuba Safety Programs,  Dive Alberta Event Prizes & Grand Prizes, AB Trash Bag Challenge, DIVER of the YEAR Awards, (whenever available) with help from our Supporters & SPONSORS.    


The AUC is independent and neutral when it comes to all Alberta Local Dive Shops and Independent Scuba Instructors in Alberta. We welcome participation from each of Alberta's dive stores/instructors and their associated training agencies and/or gear suppliers.  We always endeavor to operate fairly, cooperatively & reciprocally with all organizations & individuals that wish to engage with the Council.

AUC gratefully thanks & acknowledges the past & continued annual support from our many participating Alberta Local Dive Shops, Independent Instructors, AB Scuba and UW Sports Clubs, AB Dive Travel Specialists, AUC Members, Lifetime Members and their families!

and the support from Government of Alberta.

Current AUC Executive
& Board Members

Effective as of AGM/Elections April 2023

President – Terina Hancock
Edmonton, Term ends: Spring ‘25

Vice President - Dan Ermel
Wainwright, Term ends: Spring ‘24

Treasurer – Tom Davies
Edmonton, Term ends : Spring ‘24

Director –Ken Benoy

Sylvan Lake, Term ends: Spring '24

Director – Michelle BoudreauFort McMurray, Term ends: Spring ‘25   

Director - Nic Buntman

Edmonton, Term ends: Spring '24

Director – Stuart Dunnill

 Cold Lake, Term ends: Spring '25

Director – Mark Faas

Red Deer, Term Ends: Spring'25

Director – Burc Gunes

Edmonton, Term ends: Spring '24


Director – Larry Wedgewood

Edmonton, Term of Office ends: Spring ‘24

Thank you for volunteering with AUC.

Executive Director – Cathie McCuaig

AUC Office (Edmonton)

Office: PH: 780-427-9125

OR TOLL FREE: PH: 1-888-307-8566

(during regular business hrs)

OR: Send a detailed email to:







  • All articles, submissions, advertising, website content, business listings and/or links are provided as "information only".

  • No liability, responsibility, warranty, endorsement or recommendations are accepted or implied for content contained herein or which may appear in AUC's website, social media, published Newsletters, eNEWS, Membership Brochure, Event Posters, etc. Buyer Beware!

  • All Participants, Volunteers, Members, Clubs, etc., must accept & acknowledge AUC's Waiver - Assumption of All Risks & Indemnity Agreement and comply with current Public Health requirements prior to applying for membership or participating with members clubs at AUC sanctioned events, lake cleanups, tournaments, etc.


@ Content Copyright: Reproduction in whole or in part allowed only with express written permission of the Alberta Underwater Council (AUC) and/or its representatives.

AUC Logo color jpeg med.jpg


For youth/students only - across Alberta.            
All school and extra-curricular programs welcome.  (Others: please contact Alberta's Dive Shops below)
For youth/students only - across Alberta.
All school and extra-curricular programs welcome.
(Others: contact Alberta's UW Hockey Clubs)
Not-for-profit scuba clubs located around Alberta for scuba diving enthusiasts.
Scuba Conference & Exhibition featuring speakers from around the world, trade and travel show, networking, and socializing.
Scuba diving events around Alberta including lake clean-ups and underwater activities.
Fundraising opportunities for underwater clubs.
Find your local dive shop in Alberta for gear, rentals, scuba courses, and dive trips - either Cdn adventure diving or exotic diving opportunities!
Find dive buddies or scuba club in your area of the province.
Resources & guidance for environmental lake cleanups and underwater projects
for scuba divers in Alberta.
Helping keep Alberta scuba divers safer with
scuba safety tips, dive flag awareness, scuba pool practice fun dates/times  & AUC's new Weight Replacement Program.
Contact Us
Thank you to all our Volunteers! ​ 

All registered & current members participating and volunteering, above or below the surface, at AUC sanctioned events and lake cleanups are acknowledged and thanked for their involvement at each event.  Participants are also encouraged to be AUC members (free 1st six months to new members!)  to be eligible to win prizes donated by our sponsors at the events (when available) and after 2 events during the dive season are automatically entered to win Grand Prizes (from Waiver)!


We honor and especially appreciate our volunteers who put in many hours of their own time over the past 58 years, like:

  • AUC Board Members (past, present & future) & other scuba or underwater hockey members who've accumulated many hours in meetings, functions, events, tournaments, lake cleanups, outdoor shows, etc. 

  • Scuba safety volunteers who donate their time to putting in the: Banff Safety Marker Buoys, Dive Flag Awareness signs at Alberta's boat launches, as well as those who volunteered many hours at the AUC booth at local boat & sportsman & outdoor shows around Alberta.

  • Also the countless bubble-blowing hours spent underwater by those who have created, maintained underwater parks and navigation courses at Alberta's lakes and the countless hours and tons of trash removed from lakes including Twin Lakes, Cold Lake, Sylvan Lake, Banff, Jasper lakes, etc, over the past 50 years.

  • Let's not forget all of underwater hockey's volunteers from the u/w hockey coaches, their parents for volunteering at fundraisers and board meetings & the volunteers helping at the tournaments!


We couldn't do it without you!  AUC celebrates over 59 years and is still going strong supporting underwater sports activities in Alberta (since 1960)!  Celebrating 60th Anniversary in 2020!


Thanks to your membership support providing real dollars to help support these programs plus the countless hours of volunteers' precious time that have been donated to the AUC during every decade since 1960!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact AUC Office (, 780-427-9125,

or Toll Free: 1-888-307-8566 (during business hours)


AUC Logo 60th  sm.jpg
AUC Logo color jpeg med.jpg
Our Address

11759 Groat Road,

2nd Floor, Percy Page Centre

Edmonton, AB  Canada  T5M 3K6

Phone: 780-427-9125

Toll Free: 1-888-307-8566

Fax: 780-427-8139


Office Hours

Monday – Friday  10:00AM – 3:00PM

Saturday - Sunday   Closed

Please call ahead or send email to ensure we are

available to meet with you if stopping by for a visit or coffee. Or email with your questions (see contact form below) to:


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