Scuba Safety in AB

AB SCUBA DIVERS: REMEMBER to always stay clear of local dams, weirs, marinas, boat channels and boat launches.

WARNING: Boat rentals are available to the public at Lake Minnewanka, Banff (and many other Alberta's lakes) without the prerequisite of a "boating license".

This often means the boat operator is very inexperienced, unaware, uneducated about what the "Dive Flag" means = Diver Below - Keep Clear at least 100 ft, Slow Down!

DIVERS: ALWAYS use common sense & good judgement when deciding to dive or not dive - due to safety concerns, change of local conditions, your own experience & even your fitness level!

NEVER assume that the presence of the "Dive Flag" will ensure your safety! Always do controlled ascents (and descents) while diving, close to shore if possible. Use caution & common sense, be aware & don't dive in heavy boat traffic areas.

Dive safe, always!

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